The Gift of Time Together

The Carson Higgins Memorial Foundation is proud to present the Gift of Time Together initiative! When you or a loved one is facing a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, time together is the most treasured gift you can receive.

Carson and his family were given the Gift of Time Together when they spent a long weekend in Nashville in 2016. After that weekend, they decided to go on their Trip of a Lifetime across the country to see the seven natural wonders of America. During that time, they created memories that would last a lifetime and spent time together they would not have had being stuck in a hospital.

The Gift of Time Together provides families facing cancer a temporary escape from the appointments and treatments by gifting the family with an experience away from home; complete with lodging, gift cards for transportation, meals, special events, spending money, and a gift basket of memory-making items. The memories made during this respite will last a lifetime and provide comfort, laughs, and joy when the cancer journey is challenging.

Does your family qualify for an experience with The Gift of Time Together?

  • Parent or guardian has cancer and has children under 18 years of age.
  • Or a child under the age of 21 has cancer.
  • Or you are a bereaved family as the result of cancer (parent or child).

How to apply:

  • Download and complete The Gift of Time Together application and email to
  • A representative of CHMF will contact the main point of contact on the application to discuss next steps.

Why is The Gift of Time Together important?

  • Cancer is stressful for the entire family.
  • The patient spends a lot of time at the hospital or clinic.
  • Other family members can feel neglected.
  • Fun times help relieve stress and provide a mental diversion.
  • Family time together can build stronger families, and thus can help families better cope with the cancer journey.
  • The memories made will last a lifetime and provide comfort, laughs, and joy when the cancer journey is challenging.
  • A get-away from the everyday routine of cancer treatment can give a family a sense of normalcy.

What makes The Gift of Time Together different?

  • After a meeting with CHMF, each experience fits the family’s preferences.
  • The experiences are local and designed with each family member in mind, not just the member with cancer.
  • We are family focused! The criteria serves both parents and children going through a cancer journey.
  • We are not designed to compete with other organizations, but rather partner with like-minded organizations to help families have additional experiences.

Become a Founding Sponsor

Donations of any amount are welcomed to help us make these experiences a reality. Monthly donations are even better, helping sustain the Gift of Time Together every month.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We welcome the support of businesses and corporations to increase the viability of this initiative. Make a donation or contact us directly to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Interested in becoming a Gift of Time Together partner?

Are you an entertainment venue, sports program, museum or other organization that could provide a special experience for a family battling cancer? Reach out and let us know if you would be willing to help.