Gift of Time Together Application

If you are interested in participating in the Gift of Time Together™ program through the CarsonStrong Foundation, please complete the application below.

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I understand and agree that my consent to these services is given in consideration of my being permitted to participate in the complementary services provided by the CarsonStrong Foundation. I acknowledge that I am a voluntary participant in these activities and assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage which may occur during my participation in these events hosted by the CarsonStrong Foundation. I hereby release and hold harmless the CarsonStrong Foundation, the 501©3 organization, and all employees, agents, and directors of the CarsonStrong Foundation for any and all claims, causes of action, suits, or other proceedings which in any way relate to my participation in the complementary services being offered by the CarsonStrong Foundation for personal injuries or any other damages sustained.

I understand and agree that by submitting this form it is simply an application, and I am in no way guaranteed to be selected to receive an experience from the Gift of Time Together program. I understand and agree that my application requires review by the CarsonStrong Foundation and if selected, I will be contacted by a representative of the CarsonStrong Foundation.