Introducing CarsonStrong Foundation: Let the Light Shine Across the Nation!

After 7 years as the Carson Higgins Memorial Foundation, we are launching a new name and brand, celebrating our journey from a local family organization to a national foundation helping children and families all over the country.

Our transition to the CarsonStrong Foundation reflects our mission and commitment to making a greater impact as we continue to grow and expand our reach across the nation.

The new direction for our brand was not only to create a logo that was professional but to make it more meaningful.
We felt very strong about including a halo element which serves as a powerful symbol, representing Carson’s story of faith, hope, and love.
Just as important, we incorporated four light beams which radiate from the halo to represent each one of Carson’s brothers.
Those who knew Carson, know he lived his life with kindness, a sense of humor, and love. He was full of joy and never complained, despite the numerous treatments he endured.

That spirit lives on in our brand with the smile-like curve at the bottom of the letter “g” which represents Carson’s smile and unwavering positivity.

Every detail of the brand has been done intentionally.

This is the new CarsonStrong Foundation, Lighting the way across the nation.