Posted By: Rachel Higgins

Published: August 11, 2022

As I reflect on Carson, I have so many memories. Some are vivid, some have faded, some I wouldn’t remember without pictures. Many are amazing, full of happiness, hope and joy. Some are painful, and trigger grief and finality.

Six years ago today, Carson left this world to be with Jesus in heaven. They say time heals all things. I think there is some truth to it, but I don’t think you ever heal completely from the loss of a child.

God graced us with an amazing story, with Carson as the central figure, but ultimately, it was, and is God’s story of Faith, Hope and Love. We were simply entrusted with it. As we have realized how powerful the story is in bringing light and hope to others, it brings my family and I a sense of peace to share our journey and carry forward through the work of the CarsonStrong Foundation the amazing blessings we have received from so many.

So, I remember Carson full of life, never complaining, and setting an example of true courage and faith, even to his day of death. I know he would not want, or even allow us to mourn his memory; rather, he would want us to celebrate, and continue to pay forward his generous, kind, and loving spirit.

Today, we hope you will join us in celebrating Carson’s Life by embracing his example of selflessness in your own special way. Knowing that Carson has inspired so many to help us help children facing cancer and other life challenges with love and support for six years strong is a big part of mending the hole his physical presence has left behind. 


With love,
John Higgins
Founder and President

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