The Sabella Family recently enjoyed a quiet weekend at Mt. Pleasant Lodge to reconnect and reminisce after the passing of 9-year-old Nora.

Nora was a warrior princess who battled hard against high-risk neuroblastoma and passed away earlier this year. When speaking with Nora’s mom, Amy, she stated the loss was devastating and she did not know what to do after spending so many years caring for Nora. She also mentioned that because of Nora’s time in treatment, they spent very little time as a family and needed time to reconnect and grieve as a family.

Through our Gift of Time Together program, Amy, Jeff, and their 11-year-old daughter Nina spent a few days in a secluded cabin and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fire pit chats. They even invited a few family members out to spend time with them. Although this time could not bring Nora back or fill the hole in their hearts, it gave them the gift of time together during this difficult chapter.