Posted By: Rachel Higgins

Published: March 6, 2023

Jules Burke has been a supporter of the CarsonStrong Foundation since its founding.

Her company, SMART Productions, Inc., a collaborative and creative video production company, has created, at no cost to CarsonStrong, the majority of the videos featured on the Foundation’s website and social media pages.

“John called me in 2017 and asked me to make a video for the Foundation’s first dinner and golf outing, and that is how it all began,” Jules said.

Over the years, Jules and her team have put in numerous hours interviewing leaders at the organizations CarsonStrong supports to document the impact CarsonStrong funding has had for the children and families they serve, and in editing those interviews into compelling video stories that help the Foundation explain its purpose and encourage more people to get involved. From the CarsonStrong Foundation Golf Outing and Annual Dinner videos, to capturing experts at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital talk about the benefits of Augment Therapy, to the Impact video featured on the CarsonStrong website, and more, SMART Productions has helped increase the foundation’s awareness and funding through visual storytelling.

Giving back is a business philosophy for Jules and SMART Productions. “For me, it’s a way to lead without preaching and hope that my employees will continue to pay it forward in areas that interest them,” she said.

SMART Productions, and Jules personally, also provide financial support to many of CarsonStrong Fundraising campaigns. An avid runner, Jules also participated on the CarsonStrong team in the St. Jude half marathon.

“John and Debbie pour so much into this foundation. They are doing great things in the cancer community, from raising awareness of childhood cancer, to fundraising, to providing support to organizations that treat cancer patients. They are giving families who are going through this hope and compassion in a way that not many other people can,” Jules said. “Their story and Carson’s story deserve to be told.”

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