The Sender family was given a Christmas blessing for their Gift of Time Together experience. In the summer of 2022, Alex was diagnosed with a brain tumor and shortly after receiving the news, the family’s house caught fire. The fire was contained, but they had to move into a rental for several months. This left the Sender family without a Christmas tree and being out of their home for the holidays. Now they are back in their house, but it is still under construction causing mom and dad to sleep in their living room and the family of four sharing a confined space. All of this on top of doctors’ appointments, treatments, and other stress Alex’s diagnosis has placed on them.

One evening, Alex and his mom were driving home, and he saw a neighbor’s house lit up with lights for Christmas. He exclaimed, “mom, we have to put lights on the house this year!” Thanks to our friends at Akron Children’s Hospital, we were introduced to this family and helped them with this unique Gift of Time Together.

We partnered with BRC Exterior Solutions to install professional Christmas lights on their house and lined their driveway with lights to welcome them home with joy. Mom also mentioned having a tree with lights would be nice to have since theirs was damaged in the fire and they just haven’t had the time to get a new one. Thanks to the KW Elevate team, we were able to gift a family game night themed Christmas tree. Mom later told us “both boys spent time on the couch with me last night watching a documentary and enjoying the tree. Truly a gift of time.”