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Carson lived his life through example, despite his challenges, and was an inspiration for all of us to live out our purpose in life—always mindful to be kind and loving, regardless of circumstances. He always had eternal hope, and strived to be more like Jesus. Carson’s family hopes others will be as touched in the same way that they were by how Carson lived his life–to face adversity with peace and grace, to be strong and courageous, and to live by example, not by words. He was only twelve years old at the time of his passing; and although his life was short, it had more impact than most. He demonstrated incredible courage as he fought a nine-year battle with neuroblastoma, and despite years of difficult and taxing treatments at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, he never once complained. Carson never lost his sense of humor, or his kindness, gentleness, and loving demeanor, no matter how sick he was. His story is one of Faith, Hope and Love.

Carson enjoyed many activities, but his greatest passion was reading, sometimes up to three or more books per week. Carson was entertained and challenged by games of Minecraft with his brothers and friends. Carson had an amazing brotherly bond with his four brothers—their deep love and affection for one another was always evident. Carson explored outside his comfort zone and relished the thrill of snowboarding with his younger brother. He loved the challenge that being a member of the Boy Scouts of America brought him; he enjoyed the comradery of the Troop, and especially looked forward to campouts. Carson cherished the fellowship of his Church Youth group and getting closer to God. His weekly trips to Victory Gallop for therapeutic horseback riding helped him grow in confidence and stature! In school, Carson played the trumpet in the band. He loved to learn and expanded his knowledge by participating in the Science Olympiad and Math Counts programs. Carson demonstrated his caring heart by actively participating in Rachel’s Challenge and Kids4Kids clubs. These programs offered wonderful opportunities to pay generosity forward and do random acts of kindness.

We were very pleased to have received 34 amazing applications for the first annual Carson Higgins Memorial Scholarship. We have included below the scholarship winners along with their award amount.

2018 Winners!

  • $2,500- Elisabeth Hair

  • $2,000- Gavin Lewis
  • $1,500- Eliana Burlotos
  • $1,000- Andrew Boyazis
  • $1,000- Anna Gerber
  • $1,000- Matthew Lerner
  • $1,000- Paige Fritz

Elisabeth Hair’s Winning Application

While I didn’t know Carson personally, I have heard so many amazing things about him. From what I do know about Carson, he was a very kind and loving boy who was never ashamed of his faith. I first knew about Carson from Grace Church. I started attending Grace five years ago after my family wanted to relocate to a church closer to home and in our community. My parents knew that Grace did an amazing job working with kids and families by coming alongside them in any kind of life struggle they might be going through. At my student life group (SLG) on Sunday nights, my leader Deb Curtis, would bring Carson up during prayer requests and we would pray for him to have courage and faith through his battle with neuroblastoma. It was clear that Carson’s parents loved God and valued the extreme importance of a relationship with the Lord for their family.

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