Happy 14th Birthday Carson-

Your birthday brings back so many memories of celebrations throughout your precious years, and along with that comes much laughter and many tears!

During the Holidays and your Birthday, it is so hard to be apart, but I am thankful the memories fill my heart.

I have thought about this day for many weeks trying to plan the perfect day, and have had many thoughts about what the day would be like if you were still here on earth with us.

I believe in Heaven your Birthday is perfect and you are complete and happy! I wish that was the case for the family and friends that were left behind. I try to be happy for you and the joy you must be experiencing in Heaven, but it is extremely hard without you here.

So instead of a big party this year, I try to just get myself out of bed and celebrate your memory. We are staying home today/tonight and will celebrate with your brothers and Dad. I know there will be many stories, laughter and tears as we share our memories of your short life.

Please join us in lighting a candle today in Carson’s memory and Birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday and 2nd Birthday in Heaven Carson- I love you and Miss you,