Carson Higgins Memorial Scholarship Spotlight: Pano Tsarouhas

Grace amidst adversity was one of the character attributes Carson Higgins displayed during his short life. Our 2021 Carson Higgins Memorial Scholarship awardee Pano Tsarouhas unfortunately learned this trait in a similar fashion. Like Carson, Pano didn’t let cancer define him. His experience provided the determination to help pediatric cancer patients.

“Thank you very much for the honor of receiving a scholarship in memory of Carson. This scholarship means very much to me since our families unfortunately have experienced the hardship of childhood cancer,” Pano Tsarouhas said.

As Pano was preparing to enter high school, he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare cancer affecting the bones or soft tissue around the bones.

“It was the largest, most terrifying rollercoaster of my life,” he said.

Yet, he did not allow his diagnosis or treatment to get him down. “This experience gave me a new perspective on life.  I learned to turn adversity into purpose,” he said.

Pano is an avid supporter and fundraiser for Akron Children’s Hospital.  He will study biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering in college, with the hopes of a career that includes making advances in cancer treatments for children.


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