Ten Graduates Receive Carson Higgins Memorial Scholarships

Ten graduating seniors at Revere High School were presented with the Carson Higgins Memorial Scholarship for their display of character, kindness, and volunteerism. John, Debbie, and Garrett Higgins announced the winners of the $1,000 scholarships at the school’s senior awards assembly Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

Receiving the scholarships were:
Andino Alessio 
Kaitlyn Borcherding 
Zack Coffey 
Trent Ebert 
Kaitlyn Froelich 
Nicholas Guilda 
Christopher Heckel
Leah Parish 
Isabella Pignataro 
Panagiotis Tsarouhas 

“Each of these students embody the spirit of paying it forward, love and kindness,” said John Higgins, co-founder of the Carson Higgins Memorial Foundation (CHMF), which since 2017 has awarded a total $41,000 in scholarships to 35 Revere High School graduates.

Carson Higgins would have been a junior at Revere High. Diagnosed at the age of three with neuroblastoma, Carson embraced life with kindness and courage. During his 12 years, he inspired others to live their lives fully, with purpose, a sense of humor, love, faith, and generosity.

“Carson faced adversity with peace and grace. He inspired so many to be kind and loving, regardless of their circumstances. We are proud to continue his spirit of compassion by awarding these scholarships to students who have demonstrated leadership, generosity, and faith. We encourage them to continue living life with these values,” said Debbie Higgins, founder of CHMF.


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